Wainger Lab
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

lisa wainger     Lisa Wainger, Ph.D

    Research Professor

        University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
        1 William Street
        P.O. Box 38
        Solomons, MD 20688
        Phone: (410) 326-7401  


Lisa A. Wainger has over 20 years of experience developing integrated ecological and economic analysis tools that are used to communicate changes in ecological conditions in terms of socio-economic impacts.  

Dr. Wainger is currently a Research Professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.  She received her PhD from the University of Maryland, College Park in an interdisciplinary program in which she combined landscape ecology and environmental economics.  For much of her work, she applies innovative spatial modeling techniques and develops indicator systems to conduct risk assessments for federal, state and regional government agencies, NGOs and private businesses.  

Recent research has focused on spatial variability in the cost-effectiveness of environmental restoration.  Decision-support tools she has developed through the use of GIS-based spatial data analyzes, statistical models, and computer simulation models have been applied to 1) prioritize restoration of wildlands invaded with non-native invasive species, 2) evaluate the comparability of credits in nutrient and wetland trading systems, and 3) evaluate links between vulnerabilities of ecosystem services, threats to quality of life (e.g., unhealthful air quality), and risks to regional economies. 

Research Interests

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