Wainger Lab
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

  Selected Research Projects

Ecosystem Services Mapping - An Economic Approach: A case study of Midwestern landscapes involves a 5-step strategy for evaluating alternative policy development for agro-ecosystems

An Economic Decision Support Tool for National Capital Region (NCR) Parks: A GIS-based tool to support park managers in designing invasive species management programs based on costs, benefits and risks

Prioritizing Invasive Species Management by Optimizing Production of Ecosystem Service Benefits: A case study of cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) demonstrates that decisions about where to invest in invasive species treatment can be informed by considering the production of bundled ecosystem services to generate the most bang for the buck

Strategic Management of the Risks Posed by Grassy Weeds in Northern Australia: Compares the economic benefits of management of two non-native grassy invasive species with costs of control to inform management decisions

Promoting Seagrass Restoration and Understanding of Water Quality: Spatially intensive water quality samples are evaluated with geostatistical techniques to identify potential habitat for submerged aquatic vegetation

Promoting Successful Watershed Restoration: Designing performance metrics to assess the benefits of restoration and target restoration to achieve goals

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